Monday 28 September 2020

About the Pulverbatch Parish website


The purpose of the website is to provide an open means of communication for any group in the parish who wishes to make use of it and to provide visitors or residents with local information.

It will have as many sections or pages as there is demand for with links to the rest of the site as well as links to other relevant local sites. There is a brief description of the parish together with some and views both past and present. A location map indicates the position of Pulverbatch in the northern foothills of the Long Mynd. There is a regular bus service for six days a week from Shrewsbury to Pulverbatch. (Click here for the geological history of the area.)

Any group, formal or otherwise, can have its own page with sub-pages if they wish, to explain what they do, when and where they meet, who to contact, extra information about a particular event, or anything else they may wish to let people know about. Someone with an idea for a local organisation that doesn't yet exist (eg a local history society?) could float it here and see what support emerges.

At the base of the main page, the most recent date of modification is shown and the details are listed on the updates page.

The site has been deliberately kept simple to make it quicker to load and easier to read and use. However, it is a first attempt and the intention is to maintain, update and improve it as time passes. All comments, criticisms, complaints, suggestions or material for content or even positive remarks are welcomed by the webmaster; or call Phil Sweeney on 718713.